F5 - Refresh, aims to release stress. The resonating installation sends healing vibrations which helps relax.

F5 sound healer helps muscle & mind to relax and increases blood circulation. A sensor detects if a person is leaning on and starts playing the pick to transmit vibrations.

The acoustic resonating chamber is creating overtones and harmonics at 432 Hz. Use of sound healing promotes wellness and direct the expansion of consciousness. Detailed research on sound and music for healing while grieving on Being & Dying blog.
6 month - Team of 2
Weather changing interactive city shelter. It changes negative perception to positive towards climate.

Water Culture, a project that aims to encourage people to change their negative perception towards Lille’s weather into positive, inviting them to experience the changing vibrancy of the city. An installation of hydro-chromic textile structures that react to rain, creating vibrant shelters to improve the atmosphere of the city and to allow people to perform outdoor activities and assemble.

Fastcompany, Trendhunter, The creators project-Vice, Design Indaba, Artsthread, Sourcing Journal online, Mosaic, Fabrica

6 month - Team of 3
Interactive contemporary flower carpet to welcome guest.

Flower Carpet viz. Pookalam (MILAN SALONE 2015) is an interactive carpet which is idle until it detects a guest arriving and starts morphing into beautiful patterns. When coming from outside, the mind is preoccupied with various thoughts. As one spots something strikingly beautiful, the mind stops thinking for that moment. This makes the conscious enter in present, thinking of nothing.

Arduino young maker, CNN Traveler, Domus, TimeMagazine, Moncole, LSN Global, 7X7, Dedece
2 month - Individual
Fuha was an exhibition designed to experience Air. Fuha comes from traditional Japanese onomatopoeic expressions which is reminiscent of the sound of human breath.

SOUND Installation- Inspired by the action of listening to sounds of shells, this installation is the property of air to transmit sounds. It invites people to hold and listen to the sound from the internal cavity.

WEIGHT Installation- This installation represents the weight of air. It is to create an effect of tension and balance at the same time. The round tray contains some sand which represents the lightness of the air.

Domus, WGSN
6 month - Team of 12
The idea is to mimic a phase of life and trying to look at it from the different point of views. It reflects rational of the viewer.
The sculpture may be deciphered as a piece in distress as it is strangled by a string or it's a piece which keeps its grace by being comfortable with the pinch of the string.

The beau.te.ous glass is blown to form into a voluptuous shape but in between the process of blowing and shaping it is garroted by a string. The glass does not stop shaping regardless of the tightening of the string all around it. After cooling down the glass piece embraces the string tightening as it holds the piece from falling down and the string squinch adds on to the surface shape. This string is an optical fiber which is also made of glass and some resin resulting a subtle glow.

Art Basel Miami 2016, Rohers&Boetsch gallery
1 month - Individual
An experience of interacting with water which is anti-gravity.

The visitor experiences water droplets moving from bottom to top and being static/hanging in thin air. They could interact with the water stream. We achieved this phenomenon by playing around with speed of water falling and strobe light flicker.

Designing an exhibit for Pidilite’s waterproofing product, an exterior paint which repels water and prevents damaging the finish of exterior architecture. We wanted to create an exhibit which gives a sense of water being repelled or acting, unlike water property by being anti-gravity.
6 month - Team of 2