Camera Feature for flagship Samsung Galaxy phones: S20 and S21

The project's goal was to enable digital storytellers (GenZ & Millennial) to produce high-quality content using Samsung Camera. Interviewed GenZ & Millennial globally to gather insights for concept development. These concepts went through a series of iteration with stakeholders and Global AB testing (US, South + East Asia & Europe). Refined concepts resulted in defining product specs & engineering specs and handed to lineup team for launch.

6 months - Team of 4 - Launched in 2019 & 2020
AR for Samsung

The goal was to provide a full-proof vision & experience strategy roadmap for Samsung AR. Interviewed novice users, industry experts to gather primary insights. Conducted remote workshops to collaborate with different stakeholders & teams for alignment. Identified & delivered honest scenarios, AR feature concepts, Concept video, prototype, UX strategy map & ID. The project is at the stage of socializing with Product Planning & patent filing.

7 months - Team of 2 designer, 3 Strategist, 2 technologists - Confidential
Experience Design for Adero Smart Tags

The startup designed the world's first intelligent organization system (Smart Tages). I became part of the team in Phase 2 after initial ideation with clients. My role was to help convert product requirements into Mobile App features < System IA < UX wires for execution < custom Micro Animation planing < HW interaction design < prototyping for UX < Prototyping for Engineering < User testing < Iterating and corresponding with engineers for final app design delivery.

10 months - Team of 2 UX designer, Lead, 2 VD & ID - Launched in 2018
A Unified Digital Portal for New Mexico State Government

We designed a Digital Portal for accessing public health programs by State of New Mexico, empowering individuals to access services easily. This user-validated north-star vision helped individuals learn about, apply for, and maintain their programs with ease, confidence, and dignity. The services included Medical Assistance Division, Income Support Division, Behavioral Health Services Division & Child Support Enforcement Division.

4.5 months - Team of 5 - Beta Internal launch 2018
The project was about designing interactions for a customer facing autonomous robot (AI)

To identify and design experience model for an autonomous delivery robot. This was followed by defining communication methods of the robot in a different context, interactions and setting design principles and guidelines. Which helped in developing scenarios for instance for the robot.

2 months - Team of 2 - Confidential
Walmart Store & inventory locator & ADA

Helped in the agile design development of features at Walmart Labs. Designing for existing digital experience(265 million users) & mobile/tablet app (86.05 million users) for a vertical of Store map&inventory locator. Setting guideline for ADA AAA standard for this vertical and worked with the American Blind association to test & iterate the final design. Worked with engineering to implement red lines & ADA compliant design. Challenge was to make the map ADA compliant.

4 months - Team of 2 - Launched in 2018
Samsung Pets Community

The pet tech market has been growing, and Our team explored Pet's need with new service and product offering, creating a new community platform. We did a deep dive into the current pet tech space, mapping out current offerings + services, as well as understanding the modern pet parent. We designed a new service product to market for pets, an entirely new offering from Samsung, enabling its existing smart products to enhance pet owners experience.

5 months - Team of 4 - Launched in Korea
Designing driver's onboarding experience for a ride-sharing company.

The project was about designing the driver's onboarding experience. The final deliverables were service design and space design which enriches the experience. I was part of the project in the beginning for conducting the analogous field study. Later I joined the team to design journey map (proposed service design).

5 months - Team of many - Confidential
A storytelling platform where children & peer can use puppets to enter a virtual, play & learning environment.
The glove puppet control a virtual character on screen which can be shared remotely with peer through Puppet buddy app. Allowing children in separate or remote locations because of after-school situations, both the parents working etc. to social play.
19 months - Thesis
SuperSuit is a wearable gaming platform. It enables real world multiplayer gaming. It translates hand gestures into SuperPowers.
I contributed in designing the experience ecosystem of the gear by chalking out strategic journey maps, elements and services. I was working on the game design( rules and game mechanics), IA & UI (microinteraction, sound and visual), gesture design, hardware capability, part of everyday demo sessions and speculating future design proposal in the domain of IOT. It was a very fast-paced startup and learned how to work efficiently and effectively, multiplying every minute of the day.
4 months - Team of 1 (UX)