A mobile-focused platform for home delivery which is personal, social & helps the user to save their time & take better food decisions.


  • Change the behavior of ordering food from phone-call to mobile.
  • Identify filters according to personalized preferences.
  • Reducing decision and ordering time.


  • Address the dynamics of a group for decision making and payment.
  • Ability to pick from multiple restaurants in one order.

User Studies & Finding

Factors which adversely affects the decision-making process.

  • View the menu online/from memory.
  • Decide the cuisine.
  • Search for the number.
  • Call the restaurant to place the order.
  • If the dish is unavailable, go through the process of choosing again immediately.
  • Personalization or customization gets confusing over the phone.
  • Group Order - It's difficult to keep a track on who paid how much.
  • The money is split equally, but sometimes it's divided according to who ordered what.
  • Everyone has different choices of cuisine/combination of food they want to eat while ordering together.
  • Have to repeat the order every time if ordering often.

Design Idea based on recommendation.

Design Idea based on comparing food price/nutrient.

Design Idea based on health constraint.

Design Idea based on scheduling meal and custom combo.

User Interface Mockups


Login and Search

Quick view of cuisine and restaurant menu.

Schedule your meal.

Prepare your meal.

Payment history on your phone and notification on your friend's phone.

Choose Flavours and find mixed search results

Choose deals nearby and search results

Choose options and pay

User evaluation


I learned how to make Service Blueprints.I also got to conduct AB testing with low fidelity prototype. It was my first time working with a startup and learned that design process in a start-up is very iterative as compared to academics. I also got involved with strategic design management decisions from brainstorming sessions with the start-up team.